TONE 4NV- Impact Socket

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Maker: Tone 

Model: 4NV-08, 4NV-09, 4NV-10, 4NV-11, 4NV-12, 4NV-13, 4NV-14, 4NV-15, 4NV-16, 4NV-17, 4NV-18, 4NV-19, 4NV-20, 4NV-21, 4NV-22, 4NV-23, 4NV-24, 4NV-25, 4NV-26, 4NV-27, 4NV-28, 4NV-29, 4NV-30, 4NV-32, 4NV-33, 4NV-34, 4NV-35, 4NV-36

For Impact Wrench

6-Points (6pt.) Strong Drive

Electroless nickel plating.

Better appearance and anti-rust.


· Impact socket for tightening and loosening of hexagon bolts/nuts. 


· Assembly and maintenance of machinery, and maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles.

● Hexagon socket

■ Pin* O-ring table